Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cambridge Who's Who

Well Hello Again:

I was honored with a phone call from the Cambridge Who's Who for professional women this morning. I was asked certain questions about my background as an Applications Chemist working with new product development. While I was really quite thankful that someone would honor me, I was a bit concerned about how they knew so much about me. I am sure that they have the graduation list from the University that I attended, or some other form of bio that was given as an alumni. I was recently nominated for a company wide award for customer focus and innovation, so who knows where they found me. However, beware, they were asking for $789 for a platinum membership with a differed $199 per year(?) for each new copy of the registry. When I baulked at the price, she said that I could have a 5 year membership for $589 which is only gold and the same differed $199 per year(?) for the new copy. I asked if I could call her back. I am, after all, a single mother of 2 working 2 full time jobs. I own a patch manufacturing company on the side. This is to pick up the slack from the lack of child support. I explained this to her, and she still was insistent that she would call back, and that this membership would bring me "in contact" with a network of individuals that could help my career reach it's next level. When she calls back, I am going to ask her how much of a raise I can expect, and when it will arrive. What is scary is that it was a "YOU MUST DO THIS NOW" or you won't be included thing. Being single with 2 kids, what group can I really be included in? Who is she trying to kid? Unless this is a certified list of top notch babysitters, I am not interested.

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